PRISM Larp Anthology (19 games)

Autor:in: Piotr Milewski, Mikołaj Wicher (Editors)
Sprache: EN
Themen: Queer games
Kategorien: Sammlung
Spielerzahl: bis
Andere Anforderungen:


You are holding a book which is as diverse as the light shining through a prism. It contains personal, intimate scenarios and farcical satires. Games approaching the subject directly or metaphorically. Simple game-show formulas and artistic experiments. Games set in the contemporary world, a game about vampires and three Sci-Fi games. Melancholy food for thought and fun games to laugh at.

Contains 19 Larps:

Hi-Five or Ass-Grab /// Queer dating bingo /// The Excuses Game /// You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You Are Drunk /// Poker Face /// Mésalliance /// Dude, Are You a Fag or Something? /// The Good Lads /// The Tent  /// A Lugubrious Day at Work /// The Taxi /// 2 Speak Is A Sin /// The Night We Met /// Jealousy /// Radical Friendship /// Out of the Closet /// The New Etiquette /// Day of Flight /// Honeymoon On the Planet O

Rechte: CC-BY-NC-ND
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