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Entstanden im Rahmen des Preises für Fortschrittliche Rollenspiel Entwicklung Deutschlands (FRED) 2014.

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Titanic: Save Out Souls

2022-04-13 11:30
A dramatic larp scenario exploring love, grief and loss Scenario It’s Sunday, 14th April 1912, short before midnight. In less than three hours the RMS Titanic will sink to the bottom of the North Atlantic and will take 1503 souls with her: “This is the captain speaking. Everybody please remains calm. For security reasons, you’re all asked to enter the lifeboats. Women and children first.” What you will play All participants will play passengers of the Titanic. You will play couples. The great drama of the Titanic will be your personal drama. Will you strive for survival, or will you die for your beliefs in honour, dignity or charity? Will you leave your partner behind, or will you stay together, at all costs? How will you feel, when the time has come to give your loved one the last farewell? What you need to play
  • 16-40 players, 1 game master and per 20 players 1 assistant.
  • A big room, some sound PA and about 2-3 hours to play.
  • Extensive preparation by the GM necessary.
Fine Print This is Version 1.0 of this scenario, released on 2022-04-12. If you have questions, ideas or what not, I’m happy to hear about them! Just drop me an e-mail: larp@lutzschmitt.com. The scenario document is published under a Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives 4.0 International license.

Bad Omens

2022-01-28 11:15

A walking larp in nordic style, inspired by Milton’s “Paradise Lost” (esp book I and II); Mike Carey’s “Lucifer”; Gaiman & Pratchett’s “Good Omens”; The Prophecy (3 movies); CS Lewis’ “Screwtape letters”; “The Bible”.

Three angels and three demons meet. The trumpet has sounded and the end of the world is nigh. It is time to combine the Four Keys, two divine and two damned, and decide on the particulars for the apocalypse.
Except. Apocalypse. Apooocalypse. It sounds so… boringbadoverreaction? Really, do we need it? Don’t give me that look Master Archdemon, Sire, smell that smell, look at those colors, do you really… Oh. Oh. Okok. Well. So. About that itsy bitsy key…

Valor and Sacrifice

2022-01-11 02:04

In this game, players are seated around a fire – they take on the roles of warriors of an ancient polytheistic religion who have fought a great battle for their gods. In this round, each of the will tell the story of how they fought and how they died. When dying, they step away from the fire, into the shadows. The rest all cheers to their achievement, and their sacrifice. 

The last player remaining will be one of the few survivors of the battle, and can decide the outcome.

This game is a quasi-sequel to another atmospheric Storytelling game played around a fire, Mythology Mash. It can be played very well directly after, basing on the world created there, utilizing the already burning fire, which slowly turns into dying embers. 

The Socks that are left

2022-01-11 08:33

In this Minilarp, players take on the role of socks that are left over – they have lost their other part, and are all alone in this world. They might be able to take some solace from the other socks in their company, but will always be missing a piece. 


2022-01-11 08:31

A Minilarp about a failing oceanic ecosystem

In this game, 15-25 players take the role of different creatures living in the ocean. They move around, hunt, eat and reproduce. Some animals might eat the floating bits that swim around, while others might actually hunt other animals and fish swarms. 

The system will be in balance, with enough food for everyone to go around and no-one taking too much. 

Players who are killed are recycled back as new creatures. 

Eventually, the first players will take the role of humans – fishers who at first only want to get a bit of the fish for themselves, not really hurting the system, but eventually will go larger and larger in scale, doing permanent harm. 

One by one, species will not have enough food to reproduce, and finally, to survive. The system will slowly collapse, and what once were fish and edible creatures are now only jellyfish, slowly drifting through the vast ocean — and even the humans will not be able to survive.