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Soul Strip (English version)

Autor:in: Larson Kasper, Stefan Deutsch, Taisia Kann
Sprache: EN
Themen: faithfulness, nudity, inner monologue
Kategorien: Nano
Spielerzahl: 3 bis 3
Spielleitungen: none
Dauer: 30-45 min
Raum: Closet, cupboard or small room
Andere Anforderungen: nudity is required to play the game


As players you are nude and sit in a wardrobe. This can be filled with clothes or not (you can use your own). You play three different aspects of the same person. This person has just been part of adultery and some certain third party came home way too early and pretty unexpected. You’re not quite sure if it was a smart move to get into the closet but at least you fulfilled the cliché.

Rechte: CC
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