Nanolarp Triptych (3 games)

Autor:in: Lizzie Stark
Sprache: EN
Themen: Nanolarps in general, various themes
Kategorien: Nano and Sammlung
Spielerzahl: bis
Andere Anforderungen:


Here’s the beauty of larp as a technology: it lets you quickly prototype worlds and relationships, and gives participants a first-person perspective. In the past few years, I’ve been a gay man at the height of the AIDS epidemic, a deaf Nicaraguan child, the democratically elected dictator-for-life of a fractious space colony, a death metal poet, and the embodied drive of creative destruction. Perhaps “I’ve been” isn’t exactly the right phrase here—we can only be ourselves, really—but when I played these characters in various larps—picture an improvised play performed without a script—I certainly identified with their hopes, dreams, and struggles. It felt real, even though it wasn’t.


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