Four officers (Medical, Bridge, Weapons, and Engineering) find themselves aboard a damaged starship, in great peril. They’re cut off from each other, and can only communicate by using viewscreens throughout the ship. Will you turn on your shipmates? Will you work with them, even though some of them may be guilty of horrific crimes? What… Read More

You are a tuktuk racing driver in the steep alleys of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. Like superheroes, you might have a different profession and totally normal life by day. But sometimes, when the call for a race goes out, you get to your garage to climb into your tuktuk. Your tuktuk is like a lover, a friend, a brothersister.… Read More

You play people who go out together and put make-up on for that purpose. To play this game, you as players will actually put make-up on. So you need some mascara, lipstick, rouge etc. and possibly material to remove the make-up afterwards.… Read More

A LAOG about social credit scores and beautiful light effects. In a dystopian future, your social score, your Sound, decides about your opportunities in life, your destiny. You and your friends apply for university. There is a perfect course, exactly on the subject you have all been excited about for years and which bonds you together. And… Read More

After Dark takes place in a slightly-alternative present day. Humanity has been devastated by the Grey Plague, a roiling miasma that seems to almost knowingly seek people out and extinguish them. Those who still survive are holed up individually, knowing that they probably don’t have long to live. The Grey Plague leaves its victims lifeless… Read More

“Redemption” is a free to play online larp. It’s topics and playstyle can range from kind and wholesome to cruel and “type II fun”. Please communicate with your players how you plan to play it. It’s the year 2121. After several waves of epidemic outbreaks in prisons and to set an end to the uncontrollable violence,… Read More

Du bist ein*e Magier*in in der Jetztzeit. Die normalen Menschen da draußen, wissen nicht einmal, dass es Magie und jede Menge magische Wesen gibt und sie haben vor allem keine Ahnung, welche Kämpfe sich manchmal im Verborgenen abspielen, wenn die Mächte des Bösen versuchen die magischen Schutzkreise zu durchdringen, die du und deine Magierkonklave um… Read More